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Edna Collazo

2 May

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via Edna Collazo.


For those of you who still remember me… I’m still here!

19 Jan

Battling depression since late 2006 has not been an easy journey for neither me nor my husband and my son. Under control for some time (enough to allow myself the mistake of letting my guard down) I have been on and off meds for different reasons. I began a new treatment at the end of last December and am doing much better. The only good thing about having dealt with this for the past five + years is I can tell when it is coming, and how strong it’s coming. It does make it a wee bit easier to face the monster when it shows its ugly face in full force. I’m sure my poor husband notices before anyone. He is at the end of my “snappyshn-ess” and rotten attitude –just two of the first signs that the bad fork on the road is up ahead.

That is why I suddenly stopped posting here for you guys. I feel so bad that after having arted every day for the month of November, I never did a last closing post showing what I had done the last days of the challenge. Disdain is another symptom. When I start not giving a shit about making art, that is when I can be sure I’m in for an ugly treat. I did finish the AEDM project, I did make art every day, I just did not post it here. I’m so happy to have done that challenge! I pushed myself and worked no matter the conditions or the space. I painted things I had never painted before and experimented in ways I had feared for a long time. But once the depression wave hit, I started putting things off for tomorrow, then the day after, then next week. When I found out we would be flying to PR for the Navidades Holidays, I had just done enough to fulfill the gifting needs and was spent and done with.

All of the things I made and painted then I will post here as soon as I finally get myself  and my mind together. Soon, I’m in the process and happy to be needing art again, I’m sure it will get me going and save me from myself once more. Love and art, that’s all I need, and patience from the outside world. I have been feeding off the love of my family and friends for the past two months and I am almost whole again.

I made a photo collage a couple of nights ago, it is made up of most of the things and people that are most meaningful to me, those that I am nourished with, those that inspire me (including, of course, other artist’s work). I want to share it with you, till next time

The fat lady has sung.

Blessings, Love and Light to all of you out there.




Art Every Day (Yep, again!)

21 Nov

Well, been doing it still. Now thinking about the Holidays and all the presents that can be achieved at home, with my own two hands. But it’s not like I’ve had the time to post everything, so here it is, what I’ve been doing since the last time. Hope you like it.

I’ve been working on a couple of things at once, as usual. First, an owl for my sister in Florida. We are trading hand-made gifts. She asked me what I wanted and I told her I needed a big, sturdy tote bag which I’ll be sure to show you guys when I get in in the mail. For her, this owl, just because I’ve grown fond of them with all the revival of the 70s fashion for everything owl:

 IMG01189                  IMG01190


The, with my deep love for Gustav Klimt only growing with time I finally decided to try my hand at a piece inspired by his glorious work. I took one of my thrift store finds, a cheap framed canvas which had been covered in dark green paint and then splattered with tiny white dots of paint I’d been keeping for the longest time and went to town with it. I gessoed it and sat in front of the laptop with a pic of one of his women and tried my hand at making it my own:

IMG01182 IMG01187

It is not a version of the the whole original picture, but it was close enough to what I usually do, and I did want to make it my own, not a copy because that would be impossible, like trying to copy a God, so I want to feel comfortable working on the image.

IMG01193 IMG01208

      IMG01211          IMG01215

Now, for the last set of pics. I worked tonight on an original piece inspired by Klimt’s backgrounds. Of course, not nearly as stunning as his, mind you, but I just wanted to make something purely mine, but richer in feel in comparison with what I usually do. So I looked at my picture file and found the photo of a woman who was the inspiration of Modigliany. The photo has a very mysterious feel to it, her look, her clothing, all of it could be interpreted in so many ways, I just had to work on something that would –at least- remind me of her when I looked at it.

jeanne_hebuterne  IMG01204

IMG01205 IMG01206

        IMG01212        IMG01214

I actually LOVE the way she came out. It is still a portrait in the way I make them, mostly a face and a neck, yeah, I know, I will surprise you when you least expect it with a whole body, you’ll see! But, I made a connection with an original portrait, the photograph of Modigliani’s girlfriend, I brought into it a feel for Klimt’s work with the background, and I was able to make it something totally my own which is ultimately the point. I may not be feeling totally happy about a whole slew of things in my own mind, but at least on the only spot I can control right now I’m making something that is totally me, only my own, something to keep me grounded. Art always saves.

For now, this is more than enough for this fat lady to sing tonight. Plus: It’s Sunday and that only means one thing: AMC’s  “THER WALKING DEAD”!!! Which happens to be AMAZING! If you enjoy watching zombies getting whacked, you’re in for a treat, go watch it!

As always,

Blessings, Love and Light!


ART Every DAY!!! (yep, still at it)

10 Nov

Just in case you were wondering. I’m still here, and still “arting” every day. These last few days I have been working, finally, on the writing and journaling for the Wild Precious Studio workshop “To See Us Through The Long Dark” based on Patti Digh’s book LIFE IS A VERB.

So, I finally gave myself time to sit down and DO something. I had started reading the book as soon as I got it in the mail, I had to go back, sit down -before even thinking about answering Effy’s prompt questions- and take a look at what had caught my attention while giving it a first read. I sat down and went over all my underlining and margin notes and started with that. I copied the quotes that hit me the hardest and reacted to them, much in the way I did my studying and researching when I was in College. Finally studying Literature served me for something! LOL

Well, I spent a couple of hours doing that, and THEN I went back to Effy’s questions and was able to answer them honestly and without as much trouble as I was having when I first looked at them.

The main idea of what we have to do art-wise is to work on the concept of our life story seen as a house. I thought, if my life is a story, it’s in a story-book, this made me think of my childhood, and all the years I spent dreaming of having one of those big doll houses that open –just like a book would- and both sides have room for everything a house should have, like a full life, I wanted a full house. So that is what I “journaled”. The idea of inhabiting my life-story was wonderful for me, because I could truly look at my life almost from the outside in, like I do when I am analyzing a novel. So my house became my “STORY-Book HOUSE”.

I jotted the plan to make a board book into a house-book, with all the pages looking like the inside og a little girl’s doll house. Since I did not have the time to make that, I turned my original idea into a 3part journal spread. On the outside cover of the journal I’d already made for the workshop I created the facade of my Story-Book House. This is what came of it, the home I have always dreamed about, a little cottage surrounded by trees and flowers, in this case all representative of aspects of my life, past and present (notice the door has no knob, your life-story should be opened from the inside): clip_image002

Then I turned the page and went in. The next two pages show two sides of my story, two parts of my home. It is as if you were opening a doll house and looking in at both sides of the house.


One side is darker, more introspective, with books (which have always been a very important aspect of my life, a rocking chair like my grandfather’s (which I used to rock my son to sleep when he was a baby. There is a huge key above the door and the space where the door should be is full of little drawers (the compartmentalization you create for the world outside of your story.) There is an old map of NY and a round window that looks out into nothing (since what really matters is inside), the outside functions accordingly. There is a woman looking down from the attic, that is one of my first drawings, and she’s my muse, overlooking my inner life. There is also a stairs going up and a caption at the bottom that reads: “ADULT NONFICTION”. And a space above the house, in the “sky” to do some journaling.


On the right side is a sunny and magical space inhabited by creatures past, present and future (maybe). The people that did not stay (good riddance). There are creatures of nature which remind me of the wild woman in me, of my ancient ties with air, water and trees. The freedom I struggled to have for so long is present in the form of butterflies, dragonflies and birds. Even a toad is there, something I’ve always hated, but reminds me of the ugly parts of myself and of my life I’ll always have to live with… There is also an antique bird cage, beautiful and ornate, but still a cage – a reminder not to repeat the same mistakes from previous marriages.

Well, not gonna bore you anymore! Instead of giving myself space for journaling, I added printed words that helped me illustrate my story: The Building Site, Contemplation, Creativity, Observation, Society, Acquisitions, Find the Future and Promise (because I have never felt my life holds as much promise as it does now).

This is hard, good hard, it is also amazing and so rewarding! It’s like having therapy with a shrink, but creative and FUN!


On a different note: The painting finally arrived to its destination in Missouri!!!! YAAAAYYYYYY!!!!! Here is the pic my friend Kimberly sent of the way she has set it up in her home. It is simple, tasteful and just LOVELY!!!!


This is all for now Guys! The fat lady has sung and will keep posting art stuff as “almost daily” as possible. Till then,

Blessings, Love and Light!

PS: I worked on a new journal spread today and hope to be posting and blogging about it tomorrow.



2 Nov

I just found out that November is Art Every Day Month. This is great news to me, I love art, I can’t live without it, so now I have actually pledged that I will                                                        aedmlogored

make art every day. It may seem simple because I make art almost every day, but it may be deceivingly simple. The pledge means –to me, not necessarily to everyone- that now I HAVE TO. Which just may be the challenge I need to keep pushing myself forward. If you want to find out how that works, what are the rules –if any- just go here and find out all about it!

There is only one problem: I already enrolled myself in a workshop from Effy Wild and Jeanette House’s WILD PRECIOUS STUDIO; To See Us Through The Long Dark (arting through Patty Digh’s book LIFE IS A VERB).

How will I manage? Will I manage at all? Will I break down in the middle of it all, begging for mercy from the Art Gods? Who the heck knows! Who the heck CARES??? We’ll see. I’ll be posting here about what I do every day for my pledge (not necessarily post every day, mind you) but post I intend to, as much and as constantly as possible –though I’m not making any promises, you know how I work –or not- with lists, I’m almost as bad with promises, I’d rather not make them for fear of not being able to keep them.

But, just for the sake of tempting fate: here is my work –which I started last night, so I’m technically starting on time- and which I will finish (hopefully) tonight. Hope you like the way it’s going.


I’m happy the way it is turning out because I’m finally branching out and experimenting with textures and other stuff to bring my work into a more realistic look and feel. The white space behind her will be filled with collage. Maybe.


Well, that is it for now, the fat lady has sung and will not strain her vocal chords for some time, till then, Ta!

Blessings, Love and Light,


Up till Now

22 Aug

It’s been more than a month snce the last time I blogged. I know, I promised myself it would not happen again, and it has. Great, this only means I’m humas -at least that’s what I keep telling myself. It’s been more than a month and lots has happened since then. We took our anual vacation to Puerto Rico, this time in the summer instead of the Christmas holidays because there will be too much to do this end of the year and not enough mula to go around.
So we went to the island and had one of the best trips since we came to NY; thanks in part to my Mom-in-law who rented a beach house at a small coastal resort for a week, for the whole family. Least to say we had a blast! See for yourself:

Villas del Mar Hau - Isabela, P.R.

My son at play with his cousins Villas del Mar Hau - Isabela, P.R.

My son had the most fun, playing with his cousins that he only sees once a year. I had the chance to work on a tan -something I hadn’t done in ages… lets say the last time I had a tan line I was a size 10. We enjoyed spending time with those we love the most and I had the joy of hearing my son play in Spanish.
After returning from the island we have regrouped as our usual tiny family unit and I’ve been able to come back to my work table and do some much needed journaling which has shown some improvement and some evolution. Take a looksee:

Inner Warrior I

Inner Warrior II

Inner Warrior III

She’s called my “Inner Warrior”, someone I really need to reconnect with and am in the process of bringing her back. I started with the first image which I made while at my Mom’s in San Juan, then I sat down here at home and worked on her till I was happy. It answered to a challenge from Effy Wild, of Wild Precious Studio, where I have joined the wonderful group of women to keep honing my craft in the journaling department a little more.
This is my report so far, there is a lot that still remains to be said, of art and dreams and bitchy inner critics.
Till next time, this is all the fat lady has sung.
Blessings, Love and Light

New Work

9 Jul

Hi again,

I just wanted to show you my latest work. I had an accident when I was painting the face, my son spilled some water on the table and some of the red in the hair which had almost dried seeped onto the face. I did the best I could, added all kinds of stuff, even some purple trying to cover the red, but it ended up in the finished product anyway. It was aweful, I felt like taking up smoking again -that’s how mad I was. But in the end, art should never be forced. I actually love the way she turned out. The name is “Scarred”. Hope you like it.


First Video for “ArtForMySanity”

9 Jul

My passion is art in every form. My joy and my therapy is painting/mixed-media. But my business -which I will be sharing with you here- is polymer clay hand-made jewelry, which I love with a passion and has helped me as part of my self-made therapy.

Vodpod videos no longer available.