Old Stuff

I look back now and find so many things I’d kept tucked away somewhere “safe”… for what? a rainy day? Well, I found some drawings awhile back and scanned them because they were from a time when art/drawing/painting was something I “knew” I had no skills for but chose to do anyway just because I enjoyed it. Without putting my intention behind it, without putting love into it. I have come to learn, after a couple of years teaching myself and learning from others that I did have at least some skills but I was making the mistake of comparing myself to others… which seems to me the most unfair thing you can do to yourself. These are some of those old works I’d kept tucked away for a rainy day. Take a look. They were done around 1996. I sat down and tried to copy some faces from magazines, the first 2 are taken from a latin magazine called VANIDADES, while the other 2 are from The National Geographic. I was not happy with the outcome because they were not “perfect”. Now I can look back wondering what made me put them away safely and not throw them in the trash, but knowing what I know today I think they are pretty cool.



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