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For those of you who still remember me… I’m still here!

19 Jan

Battling depression since late 2006 has not been an easy journey for neither me nor my husband and my son. Under control for some time (enough to allow myself the mistake of letting my guard down) I have been on and off meds for different reasons. I began a new treatment at the end of last December and am doing much better. The only good thing about having dealt with this for the past five + years is I can tell when it is coming, and how strong it’s coming. It does make it a wee bit easier to face the monster when it shows its ugly face in full force. I’m sure my poor husband notices before anyone. He is at the end of my “snappyshn-ess” and rotten attitude –just two of the first signs that the bad fork on the road is up ahead.

That is why I suddenly stopped posting here for you guys. I feel so bad that after having arted every day for the month of November, I never did a last closing post showing what I had done the last days of the challenge. Disdain is another symptom. When I start not giving a shit about making art, that is when I can be sure I’m in for an ugly treat. I did finish the AEDM project, I did make art every day, I just did not post it here. I’m so happy to have done that challenge! I pushed myself and worked no matter the conditions or the space. I painted things I had never painted before and experimented in ways I had feared for a long time. But once the depression wave hit, I started putting things off for tomorrow, then the day after, then next week. When I found out we would be flying to PR for the Navidades Holidays, I had just done enough to fulfill the gifting needs and was spent and done with.

All of the things I made and painted then I will post here as soon as I finally get myself  and my mind together. Soon, I’m in the process and happy to be needing art again, I’m sure it will get me going and save me from myself once more. Love and art, that’s all I need, and patience from the outside world. I have been feeding off the love of my family and friends for the past two months and I am almost whole again.

I made a photo collage a couple of nights ago, it is made up of most of the things and people that are most meaningful to me, those that I am nourished with, those that inspire me (including, of course, other artist’s work). I want to share it with you, till next time

The fat lady has sung.

Blessings, Love and Light to all of you out there.