After a Short Nap

12 Oct

This is just to give you an idea of what I was selling at the fair. My “half-orange”  (husband) took the time to snap a few while I busied myself with my efforts to sell.

venta en la calle - detalle (2)

I brought back a trick from my past experiences. I remembered how many of my artisan friends would take some work with them to their selling spot and work while showing the finished product. It is a good way for people to see that you are the actual artist, the real human being creating the pieces they are holding in their hands and enjoying.

venta en la calle 2

As you can see I didn’t even have a fabric cover for the table (which my dear friend Leslie loaned me) so I purchased some plastic party “tablecloths”. I had no stands or rests for my jewelry. I had no canopy to cover me from the sun… well, you got the picture. But there is something that did help me a lot, to bear the hours, the standing and the boredom. After my husband left with our son to go home till closing time, my friend Leslie came to keep me company and help me out. She is one of those people who can make you laugh and enjoy whatever you are doing even when carrying a burden herself. After she came my mood lightened considerably, which allowed me the levity to feel free, dance to the music of the pirated CDs stand –which was huge by the way, and had many, many customers- and sell some more stuff. If you have ever seen my mixed media portraits you may remember having seen her face:


5-26-2011 5;54;16 PM

So it comes to this. Just take a nap, (I tell myself)  and make your Ego get some sleep too. Maybe you will both dream big and exercise your mind while resting your soul. Always carry your loved ones, family and friends with you, you might need them to carry you once in a while. Love gives us stronger arms than any push-ups.

Now that the fat lady has sung she’s going back to bed. Just had about 3 hours of sleep before having to take my kid to the doctor. I’m beat!

Blessings, Love and Light!



One Response to “After a Short Nap”

  1. Ande October 12, 2011 at 8:52 pm #

    Your jewelry is BEAUTIFUL Edna! So glad you had a friend there for support, that was very nice of her. Have you considered selling on Thats where I sell and have had some great experiences and pretty good sells since I opened my shop.Get some rest hun you deserve it!

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