Hello world!

1 Jul

Hello World!

What a great way to begin. This is my second attempt at doing the “Blogging” thing. I’ll be writing about what I do in terms of art, my life as a developing artist in mixed-media, being a mom, being in my 40s, what I cook, etc. From time to time you’ll read or see something about the men in my life, my husband and my son, who really make the world go-round.

For those who do not know me I’m 41, a stay-at-home mom of a soon-to-be 6-y/o boy and the wife of a wonderful man who daily burns his eyelids in front of a computer screen working on his PhD dissertation. We have been living in the Bronx for the past year and this is also a process of discovery in a beautiful artful place I hope you will learn to love as much as I do. We spent our first 6 years in New York living in Washington Heights, almost at the tip of Upper Manhattan. I miss the old neighborhood as a place full of great people who learned to love us and who helped us along the first difficult years of our own private diaspora. We still visit as much as we can, since we are not too far and our son goes to school there.

I want to write about what I do because it is such a rewarding process that I feel the need to share it with others who may be in the beginning stages of their own process. That is one of the ways that I came to art and to mixed-media, thanks to other artists Blogs, their websites and in some cases, their Youtube  channels. When I started to paint I had no idea where to begin, I was lost in a sea of wants and want-nots, doubting myself at each turn, but happy to be in the process, and it was thanks to those artist/bloggers that I started to follow along a clearer line. I design and make my own polymer clay jewelry line called Madre Luna. I have an Etsy shop and am a member of a great community of artists on Ning called Mixed Media Workshops, where I found some of my first teachers. I have stumbled upon so many kind artists, most of them women but also many men. They have guided me, inspired me, cheered me on so many times and so well, that I want to be able to do the same now, at a point where I finally feel confident enough to call myself an Artist, when I can recognize my own style in what I paint and/or make. That is the main reason why I am doing this, hoping you’ll accept the invitation to get to know me and my work, be inspired -hopefully- by my story, and see that no matter how broke, how depressed, how insecure you may feel, it is possible. If you cannot afford art supplies pick up a pencil and a piece of paper. You need nothing more.

I started with maybe a bit more than that and right now I wouldn’t trade that start for anything. Above all else, art was a way for me out of the darkness, out of depression and back into myself, to be able to see myself in a new light as a different person, capable of so much more than I ever thought I could.

Black Cat in Repose

This is my first painting!

If you want to know the whole story make yourself a cupa, sit back, and read my “About” page. I think it’ll help you to get to know me better and maybe even come back for more.

For now, that’s all the Fat Lady has sung. Till next time.



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